custom cardigan

News: When I’m not crocheting … I’m still crocheting!

for anyone who wanted to know what I do with the other half of my life … I’m still crocheting!!! 🤭😂

as some of u may know I’m a second year textiles student studying at London Metropolitan University!! I just thought I’d share what that looks like on a rainy Thursday 🫶

we recently got inducted onto the knitting machines at uni and my family surprised me with a (very) early 21st birthday present of my very own knitting machine! I’m still learning and am no where near confident enough to make anything bigger than a 30 stitch sample … BUT … I’m hoping that my studies at uni and spending a bit more time on my own machine will give me some inspiration to bring into KBK 🤭

but of course, I HAD to find a way to incorporate my crafty crochet into the knit machine so when my tutor taught me how to attach things ONTO the machine – my day was made! I’m absolutely LOVING mixing yarns, techniques and processes on this current uni project!!! 🫶

custom cardigan
custom cardigan

Custom Crop Top

Handmade custom min granny square crop top available in any colour combinations! I am a size 10, so this top will fit anything from a 6, 8 and 10, or a xs, s and m. The yarn stretches to fit your shape and sits very comfortably at a cropped length. Starting somewhere around £20. Email me with your colour


Custom Kimono

Handmade bespoke kimono, fitting a size small or medium with an oversized / baggy fit. An extremely intricate detailed piece, starting somewhere around £150. Please, if you're interested, message me with your colour choice / any preferences or alterations you'd like!

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